The Power of a Happy Mind

Happiness is a state of mind. It is just according to the way you look at things.

This is a brilliant quote by a very well-known, influential man, Walt Disney. One of the best realisations that I ever gained, through experience, was that a happy mind can be achieved with ease.

If you can come away with one thing from this blog post, my wish for you is that you can realise that YOU have the POWER to be happy!  Outside sources should never be able to upset your own happy mind. Optimism is always an internal job and an outside source should never be able to upset your mindset.

I use the example of road-rage. You are attempting to get from A to B, you are in a perfectly happy state of mind, your mind is at ease. Then suddenly, the driver in-front of you on the motorway is driving extremely slow. You then become enraged, and begin to swear and get angry at the driver. This situation is detrimental to your frame of mind. You become stressed and this may then lead into the rest of your day.

To have one thing occur at the start of the day, will you let this ruin the rest of your day, which had started out pretty well? You have the power to control the situation using your own brain power, and to remain happy and peaceful in these high pressure situations.

Ask yourself, by getting angry at the driver in-front of me, is it really going to change the situation? The answer is of course no, you are not going to make the driver go any faster. I find it almost funny when people get road-rage, as it is so pointless – the situation is not going to change. The only outcome is in fact, that your mood will be in a worse condition than it started.

So, how do you use your the power of happy thinking?

It is really simple,  if you tell your brain that you are going to be happy, no matter what the situation is, your mind, after time, will begin to believe you.

The mind is the most powerful muscle in your body, what you feed it with really does matter. Like the stomach, if you feed it unhealthy along with fattening foods, you will become unhealthy and overweight. The same is with your mind, when you feed it with happy2negative, hurtful thoughts, your mind will then become negative and unhappy.

As I said in my previous blog, a great method to
achieve happiness is to make a list of every little thing which makes you feel gratitude or other positive feelings. I stand by this method as it allows for you to literally force your mind to come up with positive aspects you have within your life. You are forcing your brain to find reasons that you should be happy.

Another method to use, is to write down a list of things which you know can make you happy. My personal happy place, is the beach. If you know the beach can make you happy, go to the beach more. If you know that quitting your job will make you happier, quit the damn job.

If you are unhappy in life, or with a situation, YOU and only YOU have the power to change your situation. Your mind will listen to whatever you tell it, so feed it with positive mind food.

To have a happy and healthy mind, is to have a happy life. Do you really want to sacrifice your future by thinking negative thoughts? The next time you tell yourself you are angry at the driver in-front of you, remember, it is only your own happiness that you are sacrificing.

You are blessed to be alive, embrace it.

Change your thinking, change your life.

Peace and Blessings,

Yassy B. 


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