We are all equal. We have all been made under the same creator. My creator is God. Your creator may be some one else, or you may not believe in any Gods. No matter what your individual beliefs are, there is no denying that there is something much greater than each and every one of us. Something which has created us in the exact way which they have intended. 

If it is true then, that we have been created by the same creator, why is it that the rich man will think they are so much better than the homeless man begging for money? Or the alcoholic stumbling along the street? 


Why does the white man think he is so superior to the coloured man? Didn’t our one creator, create us all in his perfect image? 

Do you think that homosexual man a few doors down is any less than you? Just because he has a different sexual personality preference? Are you perfect? 

A man may love two girls making out, but the same man will spit at the homosexual who has found his love in a person the same gender? 

The woman who is striving to be a preacher at your local church? Is there a reason you believe she can’t do as good of a job as a man? Is it because she is a woman? 

We should not have to fight to receive love or have rights in this world? We all equally deserve love and happiness.

Every one on this earth is born equally –  with rights, feelings, dreams, faith and happiness. 

We are not born into depression? We are not born racist? We are not born to hate others? We are born into love by our one creator, so it is obvious that our humanity and society is distorting our beliefs to that of love to that of hate.

Are you giving into these dustructice  beliefs? The hate and the judgement? The ego that tells you that you are above the homeless man, begging for love, for help? Do you disregard him? 

We must each take responsibility for ourselves. 

How racist are you? How discriminating are you? We cannot fix the world until we fix ourselves! Check yourself

Please spare a minute or two of your time to be inspired by the following video. https://youtu.be/CsgaFKwUA6g

Peace and love, 

Yassy B


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