Miss Representation

After watching Miss Representation, I feel great sorrow 😫
It is so scary what the media show us women and young girls on T.V through Films, music videos, adverts and even the News.

Women are perceived as sexual items for men, as things. This documentary explained how little role women play in our societies and when they do, they are discriminated and not given the same respect of that as a man. We are sexualised and made to believe that we are not equal to men.

Is it any wonder so many young girls are depressed and suicidal, comparing themselves to the bodies they see in the media. They may not fit the certain stereotype of “beauty” that they see plastered everywhere e.g. The Kardasians and other big stars. Beautiful slik hair, big boobs, skinny waist, perfect teeth? Yet the girls don’t realise that every one of them have been altered and photoshopped? For the exact reason, to make women feel insecure about themselves so that men can feel superior, and the beauty industry can make more income? 

The world is crazy. I fear for my young sisters generation and one day, my own daughters. 

Don’t perceive your worth through how other women are shown to you on social media. Yo don’t have to throw your body around and wear little to no clothes to be accepted, remain dignified and love yourself, everyone is beautiful in their own right. Chase your dreams and don’t let any man or jealous woman tell you that you can’t. 💕


13 thoughts on “Miss Representation

  1. Dear Yasmin, maybe you can help me with this. So this has been going on for about one year now. There is a girl at my school who HATES me for no reason. I don’t think I have done anything to her. She does everything she can to make sad or whatever you call it. Let me give you one story about something she did to me. So I have a best friend and the girl who hates me doesn’t like her either so to make feel jealous or left out she says to my best friend “hey lets hangout together at lunch and make sure I don’t come. So my best friend is down-right scared of her. So she just nods her head. The girl makes sure I don’t come along and take her back. So I just sit alone at recess and sometimes cry my eyes out. That girl wants to ruin my life. please reply back . -K


    1. Hey my dear. First of all this speaks volumes for the girl who is hurting you like this. I have been through a similar situation. I promise you now your story of survival will inspire others. What age are you? Please don’t let anyone make you feel less than you are. You are perfect. The girl who is hating on you is only small herself and she is mean and karma will get her. Please don’t be sad, your life is worth so much more than that, you have beautiful times ahead of you I promise. I have been bullied in my early years and it was tough at the time but you need to love yourself and stand up to this bully. X


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